Meet The Founder: 3 Ways That Tara Haislip is Changing the Career Coaching Industry

founders Aug 17, 2023

In this interview series, we had the honor of speaking with Tara Haislip of Grounded Energy111.

Tara Haislip is an Intuitive Career Coach, International Best Selling Author, and the CEO of
Grounded Energy111. She helps women balance their masculine and feminine energy (regardless
of gender) to help reduce burnout, increase their productivity, and live their definition of work-
life balance. Tara combines her psychic gifts with intuitive readings and coaching to help her
clients break through burnout cycles faster than traditional coaching.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your story? We love to hear about the brand, but
here at Visibility on Purpose, we are firm believers that our stories shape how we actually
do business.

Sure, I would love to! I’m a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant that found myself working with corporate career women even when I was trying to align with a different clientele during the first iteration of my practice.

I started out in health coaching because when I left my professional dance career I did a lot of physical healing while working in corporate. As I began to heal my body, I started to notice a spiritual discomfort with the way I was living my life through corporate America. It was through this spiritual misalignment within my career that I left corporate to become a health coach which then led me to career coaching with a spiritual twist.

I am an Intuitive Career Coach that combines my psychic gifts with intuitive readings and career
coaching to help women break through burnout cycles faster than traditional coaching by
tapping women into their own intuition to balance their masculine and feminine energy
(regardless of gender). This was everything I did to break my own cycle.

Did you ever have an AHA moment that led you to starting your business? If so, what

Yes, I remember towards the end of my paralegal career I was often staring out of my office
window daydreaming about what it would be like to not live my life around this job.

This self-reflection took me back to remembering my days as a professional dancer where I had
complete autonomy over my schedule. I realized that I had so much power over my life without
knowing it and I willingly gave it up for corporate America. It was at this moment that I wanted
that autonomy back. I realized I freely gave up my time for an alarm clock to be underpaid and

I left corporate without a plan for how I was going to start my business but just knowing it had
to be better than living on this endless, unsatisfying, hamster wheel.

Now, can you share what you're doing differently in your industry? Why do your clients
choose to work with you over someone else? 
Collectively we are shifting away from the traditional way of working by redefining the
definition of work-life balance which means many of my clients are part of that collective shift.
They know the traditional do’s and don’ts when it comes to career coaching-resume writing,
interviewing, work culture, dress code, office politics, and so on. They want someone to help
break them out of their rut and direct them towards the more fulfilling career that fuels their
soul. However, their stuck cycling through the traditional how-to’s while battling fatigue from
working in high-stress environments.

This is where I come in with an intuitive reading that helps them get to the root of their sticking
point; then we design a specific action plan to get them out of their rut, and onto their new path
with renewed energy.

Can you give us three transformative ways that your work is changing your
industry…and honestly the world?

  • Redefining society's definition of work-life balance from all work and little play to, doing
    the work that you love balances your life.
  • Breaking societal norms by speaking up about my own psychic gifts and applying them
    to my work to help the collective.
  • Helping to dismantle the corporate hierarchy structure and replace it with one of
    community through individual internal harmony.

Do you have a particular story about a client that you’d like to share? Maybe one that
really highlights the impact of your work?
While working with a health tech company solely health coaching through text messaging; I
coached many women who were working moms with high-stress jobs struggling to find a
balance between work, family, and individual needs. They solely focused on their physical health
(nutrition + exercise) but the root issue was their job consuming the majority of their time and

Being that coaching was text-based, I learned I was able to hone in on a client's energy to pick up
what they were putting down beyond their written word. I found myself directing them toward a
mindfulness practice to help them redefine their job health (occupational health). In doing this,
many of my clients felt a huge sense of relief that I wasn’t telling them what they needed to do,
diet + exercise, but rather gently guiding them to address their root issue. They felt seen and
heard in a way they had never felt seen and heard before.

It was these clients that made me want to step out into career coaching with intuitive readings.
My current clients have all expressed the same experience about feeling seen and heard with a
huge sense of relief.

Where can our readers find you on the internet? 
Instagram: @grounded_energy111

Thank you for joining us!

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