Meet The Founder: 3 Ways That Mary Gooden Is Changing The Publishing Industry

founders Aug 04, 2023

In this interview series, we had the honor of speaking with Mary Gooden.

Mary Gooden is an International Speaker, Founder of Divine Destiny Mentoring & Publishing, and the CEO of what she likes to call – her brilliant life. After years of being unimpressed by her 9-5 corporate job, big house, and the "living for the weekend" culture, Mary decided to go all in and create a life by her own design, based on purpose and desire. She has spent over a decade immersed in self-discovery, spiritual knowledge, mentoring, and learning from others’ stories through her publishing house, and now Mary teaches her clients how to live their unique truth and cultivate a joy filled life and business. 


Can you please tell us a little bit about your story? We love to hear about the brand, but here at Visibility on Purpose, we are firm believers that our stories shape how we actually do business. 

I am swimming upstream with a joy filled dream! After decades of people pleasing and striving to win the award of hardest working human, I flipped my switch. I was thirty-eight when I resigned from my career and set out to live a life less ordinary, a life that was cultivated from my deepest desire. There were seasons of despair and disappointment that eventually ended my twenty-five-year relationship with the father of my children. However, this experience is what cracked my heart open. This life experience provided a story for my first multi-author book contribution. It was the very spark that ignited the fire for Divine Destiny Mentoring & Publishing.


Did you ever have an AHA moment that led you to starting your business? If so, what happened?

One of my favorite AHA moments was the gift of Sedona. She awakened my deep desire to hold sacred retreats founded on my three non-negotiable practices of self-discovery, self-trust, and self-love. The moment my feet melted into her magnificence I knew I was home! The calling was more real than anything I had felt before and my resistance was too. 

I cried for two days upon returning to our home in New Orleans. In my somberness, all I could hear was "I want to go home". Surprised by my emotional turmoil, I retreated to my daily prayer and meditation for guidance. I heard a lot of things, but what became certain was I needed to go back as soon as possible.

Brilliant! I’ll host retreats in the sacred land and that will serve us all. Hosting retreats had been a huge dream of mine, imagine that. My first retreat was fully booked within six months from my first dose of her sacred medicine. I was in awe at how effortlessly it came into fruition, being that it was my first time hosting a retreat in this lifetime.

I could feel the magnetism of the land through my emotions upon touching down in Phoenix. This was definitely new territory for me; I had never felt so emotional about a place. Sharing Sedona’s goodness and grace with my guest brought me to a whole new level of gratitude.


Now, can you share what you're doing differently in your industry? Why do your clients choose to work with you over someone else? 

Well, for starters, I love, trust, and honor myself deeply, and it shows. I prefer to take a personal approach with each of my clients so I can honor and support their desired expansion and growth. Well-thought out systems are in place that allow my clients to get the answers they need 24/7 and feel ease and fun at every turn. I stay present and transparent in everything that I offer, along with investing in myself so that I can bring my clients a cutting edge, all-inclusive experience. 

Client Testimonial: A VIP experience with Mary Gooden is collaborative, yet respectful of individual pace and approaches. Her approach is inspiring, heart opening and thought provoking. Oftentimes, it feels like hanging out with a dear friend you have not seen in ages, who sees you so clearly and compassionately, it allows you to recognize new aspects of yourself.


Can you give us three transformative ways that your work is changing your industry…and honestly the world? 

  • Self-Discovery - Every experience that I offer, from business mentoring to sacred retreats, I encourage and support my clients to look deeply within themselves for answers and guidance. 
  • Self-Trust - I coach my clients to deeply embrace self-trust, As we each have a unique code and relentless passion for our purpose. I believe the easiest way to make an impact is to trust yourself wholeheartedly.
  • Self- Love - Loving and honoring ourselves tends to be the missing ingredient to our success. I ensure that my clients acknowledge, celebrate, and illuminate as much as possible. If you ever feel like something is missing in your life, business, or community, stop and pat yourself on the back for being courageous enough to share who you are and shine your light!


Do you have a particular story about a client that you’d like to share? Maybe one that really highlights the impact of your work? 

I would love to share this client testimonial from Samantha:

I first met Mary during a chapter of my life where I was in great despair. I had abandoned myself on every level and was barely surviving my own darkness. Since that time, I have healed and transformed my life considerably. I ended an unhealthy relationship, became a #1 Best Selling Author, ended my corporate career to pursue a Wellness Sabbatical, and began organizing my own retreats with Mary's support and guidance.

Mary Gooden is a delightfully nourishing spirit. She has touched my soul so deeply and left a lasting imprint on my life. From Sedona Retreats, to co-authoring Sacred Surrender together, Mary has supported my expansion in countless ways. 

She is devoted to restoring the highest frequency of unconditional love on the planet and this is easily felt in her presence. Her process of creation is rooted in play, and it feels so uplifting to participate in and co-create with! "Let it be easy, let it be fun" she always reminds me. Time and time again Mary invites me to claim more of myself and expand deeper into a purposeful life with infinite space to create. She is deeply supportive, highly encouraging, and refreshingly energizing. Her effervescent spirit is a divine joy to relish in. ~Samantha F.


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