Meet The Founder: 3 Ways That Ruth Fae Is Changing The Indie Publishing Industry

founders Jul 28, 2023

In this interview series, we had the honor of speaking with Ruth Fae.

Founder of Fae Blood Publications, Ruth is an Intuitive Writing Coach and Editor, Author, Speaker, and Youth Mentor. In a safe and non-judgmental space, Ruth guides aspiring and established authors to align with their inner magical Self, helping them to find their voice, overcome their writing blocks, and speak their truth with confidence. A believer in the unlimited potential of co-creation, she helps silenced voices be healed and heard through the powerful, timeless, and magical process of storytelling. 

Can you please tell us a little bit about your story? We love to hear about the brand, but here at Visibility on Purpose, we are firm believers that our stories shape how we actually do business. 

I've always loved to write; as a child, during high school, university, and my working life, I enjoyed creating connection through words. But somewhere along the line, Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt took a significant hold, I stepped away from my work as a freelance journalist - and stopped writing. 

When my youngest daughter started school, I retrained as a copywriter, launched my first business - and discovered that I felt much more confident helping other business owners to “find their voice,” creating content that helped to grow their businesses, and giving them the courage to speak out about their passions. 

After a couple of years in business, I realised copywriting didn’t feel 100% right for me simply because there can be an inherent detachment between “client” and “service provider.” I recognised that I am much happier when I work in a space of co-creation where I know my clients, feel their energy, and work together in flow to create content for their websites and blogs.

Then a few years ago my life turned upside down. In putting myself back together, I rediscovered my voice hiding under the pain and overwhelming expectations I had placed on myself - and began to write again. At the same time, in a twist of synchronicity, I was asked to work with a couple of clients to edit their books - which I absolutely loved! Then, thankfully, the Universe stepped in (there’s really no other way to describe it) and led me to the beautiful space of Indie Publishing where I now not only write and publish my work, but guide and support other people to do the same.

Did you ever have an AHA moment that led you to starting your business? If so, what happened? 

For me, it wasn’t one ‘Aha’ moment, but more of a series of synchronicities that caused me to step away from copywriting and into my new business as an Intuitive Writing Coach and Editor.

During the last few years, I've gone through a significant healing process that involved rediscovering and deeply exploring my spirituality and intuition. As I learned and grew, and filled my mind, body, and soul with knowledge of the connection we share with each other and the Universe, my business naturally transformed in synergy.

When I began to align with my inner magic, I was very clearly led into the space of co-creation that has now become my passion and driving force. I feel incredibly honored when an author trusts me with their story. I choose to use the word “intuitive” because working with an author is exactly that—a feeling, a knowing, an understanding that we are speaking the same unspoken, beautiful, Divine language of Universal connection. 

Now, can you share what you're doing differently in your industry? Why do your clients choose to work with you over someone else? 

I love the Indie Publishing world because it is an amazing space of openness and acceptance of the power of healing through storytelling - where authors often share some incredibly raw experiences that are difficult to write. 

Throughout our time together, I honour every author, and their story. Co-creation is my focus - I not only help a person tell their story, but also guide and support them through their journey of exploration and healing. As an author, it is a blessing to know you have someone beside you to listen, share your worries (and your tears), celebrate the breakthroughs, and help you create a magical story that resonates with the reader who needs to hear your message. 

Often people view coaching and editing as two separate jobs; they can be—I do, at times, work only as an editor—but to me, they do not exist individually. Writing, coaching, and editing are interwoven in the art of crafting a story that engages, connects with, and inspires the reader.

I walk with my clients every step of the way, whether we are discussing punctuation, structure, flow, their message of hope and inspiration, or simply the way they are feeling at that moment in time. 

The author is the storyteller; as a coach I help them draw out their story from their conscious and subconscious minds, and as an editor, I hold their words safe as I ‘sprinkle magic’ to form that story into something other people read and enjoy. Together, we create a story that is relevant, engaging, and flows beautifully while bringing intention, energy, and connection into their publishing journey. 

Can you give us three transformative ways that your work is changing your industry…and honestly the world? 

  1. The Power of Co-creation: My ‘process’ of intuitive writing coaching and editing is different with every client. Authors have different needs, worries, doubts, blocks, and challenges, depending on what they are writing and why they've chosen to write it. I believe that any writing blocks, doubts, or fears that get in the way can be overcome—if we do it together in energetic flow.
  2. Writing with the Moon: I teach the art of using the energy of the Lunar Cycles to support and guide the writing process. While it may not be for everyone, it has certainly helped some of my clients tap into their creativity and become more aware of their energetic flow - when to ‘do’ and when to ‘be.’ It’s so much fun and this awareness is not just for writing books; it can also be brought into their business - and life!
  3. Publisher Support: During the past year, I have developed a group coaching program I offer publishers to support their solo and collaborative book authors. In these workshops we explore topics that support the writers throughout their journey, such as creating writing rituals and structure, self-editing, overcoming writer’s block, tapping into our intuition, and how to write - and publish - safely and confidently. Writing can be an isolating experience and I know first hand how daunting and scary it can be to bare your soul to the world, so it truly makes me happy to help writers and support publishers in this way.


Do you have a particular story about a client that you’d like to share? Maybe one that really highlights the impact of your work?

As I moved further into writing coaching, I began to see how my personal healing and intuitive work also supported me in guiding my authors. And I came to understand that my role is to create a safe and non-judgmental space for people to tell their story, express their fears and trust me with their innermost thoughts, and be with them during the journey of birthing their book into the world.

During 2020, I was blessed to edit a book written by a mother and son. As they told their individual stories, and we wove them together to tell their moving, heartbreaking, yet inspiring and change-making tale, they experienced intense healing of their relationship within themselves and with each other. It was a beautiful gift and honor to hold space throughout their journey, and witness their understanding and transformation unfold.

They wrote their book to raise awareness of the issues they had faced in the hope they could help other families and be a catalyst for change in the Australian education, mental health, medical, and judicial systems. This project truly showed me how speaking our truth through sharing our stories can deepen our relationships and understanding of each other and ourselves, help us heal and celebrate, and forge a platform for change through creating awareness and challenging conventions across the world. 


Where can our readers find you on the internet?

Linktree: Ruth_Fae_Writer


Thank you for joining us! 

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