Meet The Founder: 3 Ways That Roxy Rusek Is Changing The Health and Wellness Industry

founders Jul 20, 2023
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In this interview series, we had the honor of speaking with Roxy Rusek.

Roxy Rusek is a Life Design Coach, Energy Healer, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and the CEO of Wanderess – a lifestyle brand that prioritizes inner healing, spiritual growth, aesthetics, travel, and personal alchemy so that people can experience life to their fullest potential. For many years she has traveled the world and saw first-hand the primary role energetics play on our well-being, spaces, and external synergy. Now, she incorporates her transformative wisdom, spiritual knowledge, intuitive gifts, and energy healing (Biofield Tuning, Reiki, Breathwork, & Meditations) to help clients live their best Wanderess life – in their hearts, spaces, and faraway places.


Can you please tell us a little bit about your story? We love to hear about the brand, but here at Visibility on Purpose, we are firm believers that our stories shape how we actually do business. 

I love to wander and to wonder. This is how the Wanderess name and brand came about. This is what I contribute to my many years of exploring, learning, experiencing, healing, and shifting. Without one of the other, I wouldn’t be who I am today. My experiences shaped me. Really molded me through taking steps to get to know people, the world, and myself in different environments. I learned through the most expected and unexpected teachers and circumstances from top level executives, academics, shaman, taxi drivers, and random encounters in a forest or on a mountaintop. I have learned and healed and continue to heal in my own way. This has led me to open up to my gift and passion, and to understand what fuels and ignites me as well as helping others do the same.


Did you ever have an AHA moment that led you to starting your business? If so, what happened? 

My aha moment happened after I quit my job for the third time. I became aware of me “settling” and made a promise to myself that I will no longer take jobs that don’t fuel me. My pattern was working for a few years, quitting then going off to travel and pursue spiritual and holistic passions. After my extended trip to Bali and having gone through a deep awakening process, I decided that it was time for me to step into a different version of myself and my life. I wanted more for myself in a way that lit me up. So, I decided I need to work for myself and help people heal, as I had been doing myself. I wanted to take everything that I had learned in those last 15 years of going through healing experiences I had in my travels and pass them on. I was told that I have a gift and that gift started to slowly open up as I shed old parts of myself. I just needed to let her go and that happened in layers. My AHA happened over time and turned into an awareness that we cannot turn back to our deepest calling, our deepest desires, and most authentic selves. Whatever that is for you, I wish for you that you pursue it. Otherwise it will make itself know as stagnancy, disease, and manifest in your pain and energy body.

Now, can you share what you're doing differently in your industry? Why do your clients choose to work with you over someone else?

For me there has to be an alignment between both parties. You can find coaches, mentors, therapists etc. with many wonderful qualities, credentials, and experience, but synergy and energy flow has to be there first and foremost. This is that “intangible” that gives you the push or pull towards something or someone. 

I have a very heart centered approach to my work. Yes, I have the years of study and credentials, but energy speaks for itself. That is a DNA composition of a human that just is and allows us to shine. I see people…truly see them and have a gift of connecting with them. I’ve been told this over and over again. I’m not saying this to boast, I am stating it as I finally started to believe it after years of thinking everyone had this aspect to them. And truthfully, we do, but each shine differently. 

It is often difficult to see our own light. This is why relationships and coaches reflect to us what we do not see. They are a mirror…and this is exactly what I do, I hold up that mirror in a very unique way and help people see their light, and show them a blueprint on how to get out of their sabotaging ways and controlling triggers so that they become the aligned navigators of their life.


Can you give us three transformative ways that your work is changing your industry…and honestly the world? 

  1. It is truly allowing people to reconnect with themselves. We are living in a world where we have so much at our fingertips, but we have distanced ourselves from being in tune with our optimal internal beat. I am here to help people become in synergy within themselves and attuned to that beat.
  2. We are carrying so much trauma in the body and energy and it is hindering us from ease fully creating, shining, and existing. My work and healing methods address that in a dimensional way. We have to work on different levels to address the depth of self, in body, mind, heart, psyche, spirit, energy, and how to correspond with our environment. We have to shift through personal, generational, societal, environmental experiences and through any experiences of past life transference. This is a thing not many talk about.
  3. Mainstream medical methods aren't working. I’m seeing this over and over and over again. I myself have recently experienced several disappointing doctor’s appointments. More and more people even medical professionals are turning to other alternative methods of healing and we are opening up more to trauma healing, energy healing, more natural and quantum methods of shifting out of diseases and illnesses. Connecting science and spirituality is the yin and yang of wholeness. This is why I do what I do and why I address different parts of the whole. I am constantly excited about learning, practicing, and living and breathing what I learn because we are understanding the layers more. More “life doctors” are awakening and stepping on stage to lead the new generations out of a “programmed matrix” that is slowly disconnecting and killing people. We are here use and provide these tools and for “alternative” soon to be “primary” ways of healing.


Do you have a particular story about a client that you’d like to share? Maybe one that really highlights the impact of your work? 

Yes, I have a client who has evolved with me over the past 7 years. She started with me years ago and trusted me when I began taking coaching classes. She has evolved as a person on the inner and outer planes, just as I congruently have evolved in my practice, wisdom, methodology, but most importantly in openness and attunement to energy and helping people transform. 

We are all constantly evolving. This makes not one person better than the other. We are just evolving. This is something to remember. We heal over time, its a journey, a dedication, a commitment to self. The only measure we need to evolve in is our own. How are we “better” than we were in the yesterdays?  This journey is not always linear but when we do the work and take accountability that route is always onwards and upwards. 

I reflect on this as we have both been a reflection for the other—a reflection of how we both grew, evolved, and shifted through the work. Trust and synergy played a big role in this process despite the fact that then I was just starting out. This to me was a testament to my energy but also understanding that practical knowledge is only a part of the formula. There is that “intangible” that I spoke of in my prior comments. 


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