Why You Should Learn How To "Pitch Yourself" As a Business Owner

pr speaking Sep 21, 2023

Okay, we've all been to that networking event where you have to go around and introduce your business and what you do to a sea of people you've never met before. If you're new at introducing your brand or public speaking, some of those moments might be co-mingled with butterflies. In our decade plus of experience in PR and Media, we have realized there is definitely an art to pitching yourself.

Although here at Visibility on Purpose we focus on PR and Media Exposure and teach our students *exactly* how to write media outreach pitches (and who to send them to) to help them get featured in the media, secure press placements, land podcasts or land a TV interview, we've found that those skills translate beautifully into other areas of business as well.

We believe the art of pitching (in our very biased opinion lol) should be a prerequisite to being in business .

Every single business owner can benefit from being able to articulate what you do, for who, why you do it and the transformation that you provide to any audience.

We have seen our clients (and we've done this ourselves!) utilize the art of pitching in other endeavors as well. Here's what we mean.

Here are three other places where you can utilize your "pitching" skills to land you awesome opportunities.


  1. Pitching to Investors—yes, think Shark Tank!! Not all businesses are funded through owner capital, many businesses find themselves seeking out investors and venture capitalists to fund their business endeavors. Obviously when we're talking about convincing other people to invest their real moola in your business, we need to make sure there is a strong value proposition.
  2. Pitching to schools and organizations—When you understand the value you provide, you are always about to offer that to different audiences. For instance, say you are a holistic practitioner who is well known for speaking on podcasts about eating seasonally and how that impacts mental health. You could take that same concept and go to a school to talk about healthier schools lunches or to a business organization to talk about weight loss for summer (with the same focus of eating seasonally) You can use the same exact framework that we teach inside our media pitching course called pitch party to do this.
  3. Pitching to your audience AKA SalesWe always joke that media pitching should be a prerequisite to business, and that's because we truly mean it. When you know how to articulate and position your work in a valuable way for your audience, anything is possible. When cofounder, Bridget, was working in a sales position at Yelp and New York City, she found creative ways to position yelp's advertising as a no-brainer sell to businesses. You can do the same with your audience. Once you understand the value that you provide and what you are actually selling (and trust us, it's not a course), you will be better equipped to sell your goods and services to generate more money.

We'd define the art of pitching as....the ability to articulate the value of what you do to a specific audience to generate an action.

Here are some things to think about.

  • Why do people want what you are selling? What's the change that happens in their life through your work?
  • Why would an investor want to invest in your brand? What's in it for them?
  • Who else could you "pitch" your goods, services and speaking to?


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