Learn how to get booked on top podcasts as a guest

For small business owners who want to expand their reach and grow their audience through guesting on podcasts


Are you at the point in your business where you're ready to get on some big podcasts shows to grow your audience and generate new leads?


You know you have so much value to offer, years of experience and can already identify the exact big shows you'd be a great fit for.


We created a self-paced, two hour mini series to help you learn how to get booked on top podcasts (not just your friend's friend's show) and be a stellar guest.



HOW TO APPROACH HOSTS AND BEST PRACTICES FOR BIGGER SHOWS—they’re used to being pitched so there are certain things they’re looking out for. you wouldn’t know these things if you’re just getting on your friends shows. (1 hour long)

HOW TO BE A STELLAR GUEST—This means showing up feeling confident AF, telling a good story + providing value plus, a stellar guest knows that the guest's job isn't over after the show ends, now it's time to share the episode...everywhere! (1 hour long)

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Now, who is it for?

You haven't fully focused on podcasts as an audience growth or brand awareness strategy yet

You've been on smaller shows (likely through your own network), but you're looking to go big and get on shows with thousands of download

You aren't quite sure who to contact or what to say when you reach out to bigger shows

You desire to build relationships with the hosts of these shows to create a network of high-profile experts (bc yeah you're already thinking about strategic partnerships and affiliate partners

You want to make sure that you come to each show delivering your best content and making it easy for each host to want to invite you back on or refer you to a friend