Say hello to The Visibility Era Workshop


Get this value-packed training where we teach you how to dissolve the fear of being seen and help you create your very own Visibility Persona.


Do you get nervous when you hear the word “Visibility"? Is it your default to shrink yourself down or hide because the thought of “all eyes on you” is overwhelming?


The fear of being visible can present itself in many ways: fidgeting, stumbling on your words, going into a story spiral, sweating, lacking clarity, confidence and more. 

We get it → being visible can feel like a lot of pressure! 


You want to nail your interviews, show off your brand’s personality, be confident, get your point across, and feel good when you get off the mic, but you genuinely don’t know HOW to do it!…Well, what if we told you that you needed to stop putting the pressure on YOURSELF and take some advice from the Queen B herself, Beyoncé?

 Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, you can’t deny that she's a freakin’ genius. She created an alter ego with the perfect stage presence named Sasha Fierce, that does it all for her. Sasha is everything Beyoncé wants her BRAND to be. For one, she’s Fierce AF, confident, sassy and she’s got that bad bitch energy. She’s basically the whole package! 


Isn’t it time you created your own Sasha Fierce for your business and visibility? 

In this workshop we’re going to help you:

  • Dissolve your limiting beliefs around being seen
  • Uncover your brand identity (which will take the pressure off off YOU, because YOU aren’t your brand—we’ll explain)
  • Create your perfect Visibility Alter Ego!


Take a look inside

This is a one hour self-paced workshop and meditation series to help you say sayonara to your visibility fears

Now, who is it for?

This is for business owners who are making 5-figures in their business but find it hard to expand their audience through social media, and want to pursue media opportunities like podcasts, magazines and tv. They are ready to be SEEN, but feel like they need to figure their Sh*t out when it comes to confidence and “stage” presence. 

VISIBILITY ERA is also for CEOs who have already guested on podcasts and other mediums, but want to step deeper into a magnetic version of their personal brand so that they can solely focus on IMPACT.