Authors, It's Time to Step Into Your Iconic Era

A step-by-step masterclass to expand your book's shelf life & learn how to land more interviews for your book.

From Author To Iconic workshop for only $47USD!


Are you a business owner who wrote a book to build your brand's reputation and highlight your story?


Are you ready to be known for your book AND even have the title BE the tagline for your whole freakin' brand?

Well, what if we told you that you could step into your Iconic (aka Gabby Bernstein) Era after implementing some simple shifts into your promo strategy.


Speaking of Gabby, it's time to ~take a page of our Gabby's book~ and start implementing some super tangible PR tools that are proven to land you interviews!

Getting featured on TV, Magazines, & Podcasts is such an important skill to learn for your book's success.

She really #understood #theassignment when it came to her book, “The Universe Has Your Back” …where she (still) utilizes the media to educate her audience on the value of her book and in turn expanded the shelf life of her book for YEARS to come!


All we need to do is start implementing some good 'ol PR practices! 


Gabby understood how to education her audience on the value in her book, leverage her personal brand for press, and land interviews organically.


HOWEVER, HERE'S THE PROBLEM MANY AUTHOR'S FACE: The common theme in the industry is that publishers are excellent at helping you create your book, but when it comes to media exposure that leads to sales and overall book's success, it's just not their area expertise! --This is why we created FROM AUTHOR TO ICONIC.


Grab the workshop— FROM AUTHOR TO ICONIC

$47 USD


In the workshop you'll:

  • Learn the importance of your personal brand to land interviews
  • How to highlight your book’s value to gain media attention 
  • How to create a strong online presence & optimize your personal brand so it stands out
  • Step-By-Step tips to leverage your book & personal brand for Media Exposure, Sales, and Brand Awareness!
  • & What most authors do wrong when it comes to book promotion


Become known for the book you wrote.

This is for You If:

  • You're a full-time business owner who wrote a book that supports your brand
  • You wrote a children's book with a positive/uplifting message
  • You wrote a cookbook or recipe book focusing on health, vitality, or wellness
  • You wrote a self-development book (in lifestyle, finance, investing, real estate or more) that goes along with your framework or methodology
  • You co-authored a book or wrote a chapter on a specific niche that highlights your brand
  • You created a niche journal for gratitude, joy, wellness, health, or healing