Tips To Get Featured in Magazines, Podcasts and on TV without hiring a publicist

pr Sep 29, 2023

Okay, this is seriously our most asked question in our online community! "How do I get featured? I'm not ready to hire a publicist and I don't just want to pay for random placements in publications with low audience counts!"

We've been seeing lots of pay to play opportunities ending up in our inboxes and shared on socials—and we're not here to debate on our opinion on those, but we want to show business owners that that is no the only way to get press coverage for your brand.

For the last decade, co-founder Lydia Bagarozza has been spearheading PR campaigns for some of the biggest names in music—James Bay, X Ambassadors, The Beach Boys and more, so you could say she knows a thing or two about pitching to the media.

Here are our top tips for getting featured by pitching yourself to media contacts, producers, podcast hosts and editors.

Feel free to listen along to the episode which goes way more in depth. Or if you're a super visual learner, we actually recorded an entire free workshop on this topic. Click here to get access to the getting featured workshop.

1. What You Need Before You Pitch The Media

We've done a number of podcast episodes on this topic as well as other blog posts like this one. To prepare your business for media exposure, we recommend....

  • Knowing your titles as the founder (this is how you introduce yourself)
  • Having Professional Headshots
  • Having a clear brand summary and professional bio (which details more of your story—which yes they will ask on podcasts!)
  • Knowing your story (and the pivot that led you to the work you're doing now!)
  • Getting clear on the topics you could speak on as the founder 
  • Organizing social links and cleaning up your website

2. Find Your Value and Send Better Pitches

When it comes to media exposure and securing press placements for your brand, we recommend always thinking about the VALUE you can bring the media. Remember that media is focused on their numbers, their viewership and bringing interesting, timely and relevant information to their audience—so you need to think about pitching from the lens of value. We're always talking about the value intersection with our clients. It's that sweet spot that combines your work, your wisdom, your expertise, your zone of genius with what media wants. Start to think about what you are an expert in. Maybe you're an interior designer who loves to talk about most popular wall colors for houses in 2023 which is exactly what Homes and Gardens wants to cover. Continuously think about ways you can position yourself as an expert connected to topics that media and podcast hosts find valuable. To see a visual of how we help our clients find the value intersection when pitching, click here to get access to the free workshop.

3. Know Who to Connect With

When you're pitching yourself, you essentially become your own publicist. Publicist usually have super detailed media contact lists of editors, journalists, producers, and freelancers who support numerous publications and outlets. So the first tip for you as a business owner is to think about what outlets or mediums would be a good fit for your business. Do you thrive in speaking settings? Maybe podcasts or TV segments would be where you thrive. Do you love supporting with written content or information? Maybe editorial is best for you. We actually created a free media personality quiz to help you discover your publicity superpower, Click here to take it. Now, back to contacts—once you realize what your focus will be (ie. magazines, TV segments, podcasts, radio)—begin to research the contact. It might be the writer for mindbodygreen or the producer of the Morning Today Show, your goal is to find their contact information. We find that Twitter, Instagram linkedin and even websites are great places to find contacts.

We teach all of this and more inside our course, Pitch Party. Pitch Party helps small business owners and founders land top tier media, get featured on TV and book podcasts without the need for a booking agency, publicist or paying for low exposure placements. We teach you how to leverage the media to open your business up to new opportunities and how to generate new leads through media exposure.

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