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A media mentorship program for conscious CEOs to land BIG media placements, be featured on TV and build an iconic brand that generates a constant stream of leads and dream-worthy opportunities!

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*We have both live and self-paced program options available*

Imagine if you were able to impact thousands, millions, and even billions of people just by being you?

It's time to stop investing in yet another certification, rebrand or business program, and think about a long-term growth strategy.

 ↓ Here's the problem  ↓

You are currently spending too much time posting on the 'gram (Facebook, Threads,or TikTok). 

...when actually, social media isn't the strategy that's going to grow your business the fastest!

Well, what if you could stay laser focused on your brand goals without having to always think about client attraction on social media?

Because you are seen with the best in your field.

It's all possible and we're going to show you how.

Is this you?

→ don't have those impressive media logos to attract a new stream of quality clients?

constantly relying on social media to generate sales, BUT are finding it harder & harder to scale these days?

→ spending all of your time focusing on sales instead of the bigger vision strategies, team growth, & impact? 

fighting with the algorithm just to get seen by 10% of your followers

→ wanting to network & get in the room with high-profile leaders in your industry?

→ feeling stagnant in your audience growth & constantly distracted by the next shiny social platform...aka Threads (cough, cough)?

Here's the 411...

Growing your audience, gaining recognition, and inspiring change is not easy. There are so many moving pieces and possibilities -- all the biz stuff, revolutionizing your industry, and the social media pressures that prevent you from actually scaling. 


What if you could?

Have a step-by-step, personalized, & easy-to-follow PR roadmap that shows you exactly what you need for clients to drool over your services / products because they've seen you featured among the best.

So You Can Finally:


➸ Be recognized for YOUR expertise, despite being a “smaller” business in your industry

➸ Know how to brag about your brand in a compelling and concise way (without the sleezy vibes)

➸ WOW anyone who comes across your brand (i.e. clients, writers, editors, show hosts, and high profile collaborators)

Join The Party—Pitch Party!

Because getting publicity for your brand should be cause for mega celebration!

Pitch Party is the media mentorship program that teaches you the tools, personalized strategy, mindset, and skills to position yourself as the go-to expert through PR and Media Exposure.

Land DROOL-WORTHY media features, grow your audience, expand your reach and generate more income! 

...and of course we're biased, but the community is pretty rad too!

→  get in front of larger audiences 

→ access high profile networks

→ step into your thought leadership

→ earn prestigious logos (um Forbes? yes please!)

→ create massive amounts of impact


It's time to create an ICONIC brand that stands out.

In this program, you'll learn the who's, what's, when's, where's, why's, and how's to gain quality press features that attract clients, trust, and brand awareness 24/7!

Meet Your Teachers

In This 8-Week Program, You Could…

  • Secure press opportunities at media giants like Forbes, mindbodygreen, & Yahoo! 
  • Generate client signups in your sleep
  • Only show up on social media when it feels aligned

Your journey to visibility always creates a huge shift in business growth. We’ll cover it all inside Pitch Party!

Tell Me About The Curriuculm

Our Client Results Look Like...

Converting sales FAST due to your new credibility, trust + media wins

Clients, writers, podcast hosts, and biz owners reaching out to you because YOU'RE the go-to expert

Often collaborating with experts who introduce you to their high profile networks

Getting featured on ​your favorite ​magazines & ​podcasts regularly

Having prestigious media logos all over your website, socials & marketing

Being well-known and talked amongst colleagues

Seamlessly talking about your brand with confidence & WOW-ing everyone that listens

Skyrocketing your income because of your insane audience growth

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"My favorite part of the program...ALL OF IT!"

The first one was about helping clear my message and find my true gift with my business, now I don't devalue myself. And then pragmatic tools, so I know how to contact PR and more generally, how to talk about who I am and what I am doing.

LAURENCEReal Estate Expert

"Yes!!! If you are on the fence about joining, ​highly recommend!

Has not only changed ​the way I present my business but has truly ​changed me and brought out beautiful ​pieces of myself I did not know were THERE"

JULIANNA, Founder & CEO at A Clair Mindset

Our Curriculum:

inside Pitch Party, we teach you how to... 

✓ Gain clarity on your MESSAGE, your brand and your unique differentiators (this is what sets you apart from others in your industry, and is crucial for media exposure!)


✓ Craft Your MEDIA PITCH (that outlets actually want to read*)


✓ Learn The Ropes of HARO, Medium and other Outlets to Gain Publicity for your Company

✓ Build RELATIONSHIPS with writers, journalists, producers and hosts

✓ Draw Attention To Your Brand & Business Through Media Exposure & With Ease

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This program is for you if...


You are a founder, leader, business owner, CEO and visionary who has an awesome website, killer social presence, loves hitting new income goals and wants to grow their brand beyond just social media.

We do not accept students who do not have a website, social media presence or proven sales track record. We recommend you look at our Find Your Irresistible Branding and Message Course as a pre-requisite to Pitch Party.

Course Options

Our next live round of Pitch Party will begin the end of 2023/beginning of 2024.

You have two ways to create an iconic brand through PR and Media Exposure. We have an 8 week live program or a self-paced option. See below for details!

Pitch Party Live + Community

$2997 USD

Payment Plans Available

  • 8 weeks of learning content related to how to pitch the media, how to position your brand, how to find contacts, how to craft a stellar pitch, how to build relationships with the media & more.
  • Weekly Strategy Calls hosted live Weds at 3pm ET

  • Private Community to share media wins, ask questions and network with other business leaders across a multitude of industries

  • Pitch Submission with personalized feedback by both Lydia and Bridget (trust us, you will not leave this program without a sexy, refined evergreen pitch)

  • Curated Media Contact List


Visibility Era Meditation

Becoming an Energetic Match for Top Tier Media

That's over $11,000 in value for only $2997 USD!

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Pitch Party Self Paced

$1497 USD

This is our completely self-paced version of Pitch Party. Don't want to wait for our next live round to start? Don't want to add another weekly call to your schedule? Do you like go at your own pace programs? This one's for you!

Includes the same 8 weeks of media content as the live version, just no community or personalized feedback!

You can add on 60 days of PR in your Pocket Support at checkout if you'd like 1:1 Voxer Messaging Mentorship from Bridget, a former best-selling publisher & messaging genius and Lydia, a top 1% publicist.

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Pitch Party Live Waitlist!

Starting end of 2023.


"I wanted more clarity on how to describe what I do, I got that and then some!, I feel so confident it was the missing piece in the puzzle and things are just falling into place now."


I wanted to get comfortable putting myself out there, which I am not comfortable doing. I was surprised by how much knowledge I do have. Finally, I'm feeling like this is real vs. in the beginning when it felt like a dream to achieve.


"I wanted to learn how to approach and be featured on media publications. I was surprised that it doesn't have to be hard."



Meet Bridget

Bridget's work has touched thousands of leaders, founders and entrepreneurs all over the world through her publishing company, speaking, podcast, and TV interviews.
Bridget Aileen Sicsko is the founder of Exalted Publishing House, a podcast host and a visibility strategist. She helps successful founders with a spiritual backbone stand out and be featured as leaders in their industry by sharing powerful stories, becoming a more poised & confident speaker and gaining global recognition through podcasts, media features and speaking. Bridget believes in the power of words, stories and voices to shift our view of reality, our potential and our purpose on the planet.Bridget has been featured in Formidable Woman Magazine, Authority Magazine, Women’s Business Daily, Thrive Global, The Medium, on Good Morning Arizona, Ticker News, RVN TV, News 12 New York and several podcasts.

Meet Lydia

Lydia has earned over 4,000 press features for her clients over the course of her nearly decade-long career in Public Relations. 
Lydia Bagarozza is a sought after Publicist and PR Strategist who supports purpose-driven brands in the coaching, mentorship, health and wellness, and eco-conscious spaces. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded countless PR campaigns for some of the world’s top talent in the music industry as well as brands in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle categories. After a self-development journey in her mid-20s, she started her own PR business dedicated to securing features for the conscious-minded brands that she connected with most. Today, she drives exposure for these brands, and also offers online programs (like this one) which teach entrepreneurs how to be their own publicists. Her clients are frequently seen across media giants like Forbes, Oprah, Well+Good, SELF, Business Insider, Bustle, HelloGiggles, mindbodygreen, Byrdie, ELLE, and New York Magazine.

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